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Sebastian Tramp
Augustusplatz 10, Zimmer A116
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 97-32366
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Last RDF Links

Sgvizler development site
Sgvizler is a javascript which renders the result of SPARQL SELECT queries into charts or html elements.

Graphs are a powerful, flexible means of representing all kinds of linked data. Bigdata is an ultra high-performance graph database supporting the RDF data model, which provides a standards-based way of describing, interchanging, and querying graph data. Bigdata supports both the Sesame and Blueprints APIs. Bigdata handles very Big Graphs. Bigdata scales to 50 billion edges on a single machine and will scale to even larger graphs with its horizontally-scaled architecture. Bigdata supports robust enterprise deployments with high up-time and QoS demands with its quorum-based high-availability (HA) architecture. Bigdata is 100% open-source.


Group and Interests

I am a member of the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) Research Group.
My research interests are:

  • Basic Web information technologies (Web data integration, personalization techniques, architecture of Web information systems)
  • Semantic Web infrastructure and languages (query, rule and update languages)
  • Security / trust / privacy in the Semantic Web 
  • Semantic Web applications
  • Social networks and social impact of the Semantic Web 
  • Interfaces for the Social Semantic Web / Federated Social Web 
  • Directory Services

Research Projects

  • LOD2 – Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data (EU funded)
  • OntoWiki – Semantic Collaboration for Enterprise Knowledge Management, E-Learning and E-Tourism (EU funded)
  • LE4SW – Regionale Technologieplattform für soziale, semantische Kollaboratio (BMBF funded)
  • SoftWiki – Distributed, End-user Centered Requirements Engineering for Evolutionary Software Development (BMBF funded)

Open Source Software Projects

Beside these official projects, please refer to my bitbucket as well as my github profile.

  • OntoWiki – Semantic collaboration platform implementing the Web 2.0 idea of an architecture of participation for the collaborative development of Semantic Web knowledge bases
  • RDFauthor – is an editing solution for distributed and syndicated structured content on the World Wide Web.
  • Mobile Social Semantic Web – is an Android-based social web client as well as a contacts provider, which integrates your distributed FOAF/WebID social network into your mobile phone.
  • xOperator – combines advantages of social network websites with instant messaging
  • Semantic LDAP – Bringing together LDAP and the Semantic Web 
  • Triplify tackles the chicken-and-egg problem of the Semantic Web by providing a building block for the “semantification” of Web applications.


My publications are listed at DBLP as well as Google Scholar and Bibsonomy (which also feeds the exhibit section below)


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Community Services

I was (PC) member, additional reviewer or organizer for the following items:









Readings / Seminars / Practical Courses

Supervision of final theses

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Open Topics

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In Arbeit

  • Markus Freudenberg (Bachelorarbeit)


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